[aprssig] OT question.

Jim Hiley jim at c-com.com.au
Mon Oct 15 17:40:03 CDT 2007

You could also look at pc-telephone
Free for pc to pc and works without a server.
I used it a few years back.


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>I found the address for SM5VXC's site, where IP-Sound can be got from.
>Dave G0WBX.
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>I dread asking my question on this sig, so please, please.... 
>responses direct and off sig.
>I'm trying to find a "phone" type app that allows for voice chatting 
>between workstations similar to skype.  I had thought that skype 
>would work w/o a connection to the net since it is peer to peer, but 
>the app won't initalize w/o a network connection to the outside world.
>These so called USB skype phones are simply sound cards that look 
>like small cell phones to the end user.... they appear as a 2nd 
>audio device under windows.  I'd like to find a chat program that 
>does not need an outside network connection AND allows me to select 
>the 2nd audio device as the target of the chat program.  This will 
>allow the ringer to come thru the PC speakers and the voice chat to 
>come from the "phone".
>Any ideas?  Even cheesy small programs are acceptable.
>Is there any SIP software that will allow the use of a 2nd audio 
>device as a "phone" with asterisk pbx?  Can you bridge asterisk to skype?
>I know, very off topic but there is just such a broad base of people 
>here, I couldn't resist.
>In theory there is no difference between practice and theory.
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