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Mon Oct 15 19:55:48 CDT 2007

I've been fooling with the script.  I just decoded a buncha stuff from the GO-32 pass at 00:30Z on the east coast.  No APRS packets.  

>>>Send some UP!!!<<<

The next problem will be getting the script to set up for split band data transmissions.  (2M up, 70CM down, both at 9600 baud).  

I also have scripts for terrestrial (144.39) APRS, and PCSAT (145.825).  Child's play!  So you can wire up one D7, and change modes with a couple of keyclicks, and no keypad entries.  (the really perverse programming task would be to link this up with a satellite tracker.  You could break off the terrestrial IGATE, and automatically turn it into a properly-configured SATGATE when the time was right.)  

When it's all polished up, I'll post them somewhere.  You add the files to your UIVIEW/CMD dirrectory.  It'll modify the drop-down menu to show whatever is in the directory with the right extension.  Very clever!  

---- Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote: 
> Al (callsign) wrote...
> > I have a script which sets the band, freq, data band, and baud rate
> > (9600) then... no matter what I do, after the script is executed, UI-View
> > restarts the TNC, which sets the baud rate back to 1200.
> > I think I can manually set the baud rate via the "Terminal" screen.
> Have you edited the TH-D7.CMD file for UI-View? It will set the radio to
> "band A", set the frequency for the D7 and make other changes to the TNC. At
> a glance, I don't see anything in the default file that looks like it
> changes the TNC to 1200, but perhaps its there and I just don't recognize
> it. I don't have a D7, but perhaps a command could be added to the file to
> have it set it the TNC to 9600 if that's what you need.
> I see the TM-D700.CMD file has the command "HBAUD 1200" in it. Would it be 
> as simple as adding "HBAUD 9600" to the D7 command file?
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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