[aprssig] D710 Scanning stops on TX

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 16 16:48:00 CDT 2007

>>> I don't care to have my [D710] packet show 
>>> what frequency the radio is using because 
>>> I'm "using" lots of them. ... 
>> If you are jumping around in frequency, then 
>> that is usually exactly what the frequency-
>> in-packet is designed for... So others can
>> find you.
> But I'm not jumping in frequency, I'm scanning...
> I get found when someone calls me on a repeater 
> not when someone looks at my packet.  

But how do they know which repeater to call you on?
That's why the D710 can put ur voice freq in ur packet.

> But to have the radio suddenly stop scanning each
> time it transmits APRS ... Is NOT useful...

That's a bug that should get fixed in the next firmware.

> Besides, you've harped on Voice Alert all this time, 
> if people wanted to get to me, they could use that. 

The difference in communications area between a voice repeater
and simplex Voice Alert is from 10 to 100 times greater.  So it
makes a big difference in your voice reachability...

> it would appear that the radio halts the scan for 
> the express purpose of acquiring the frequency to 
> put in that beacon. 

That is not the cause.  The cause is simply a bug in the
scanning program.  It stops scanning because the radio
transmits.  It will do this whether you have the auto-frequency
update enabled or not.  But I agree, It should not stop scanning
side B if side A transmits.

Hopefully they can fix this in the next release.


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