[aprssig] OT question.

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Oct 17 03:40:32 CDT 2007

Looks interesting, but you still manually have to open a port in your
Router and or firewall, if you want a direct PC-PC link via the
internet.  If you are locked out of your router by your ISP, or are at
work with no access, then Skype will work (if not explicitly blocked) or
you'll still need a VPN (such as Hamachi) to get past such things.

The bottom of http://www.pc-telephone.com/pc-phone-calls.htm says so.
(about the port to open)

I'll grab a copy, might be worth while for something in the future.

To "connect" the remote end audio to say a local program for something
like PSK-31 for example, you still need something like "Sound-tap" from
SM5VXC, then you can route the digital audio stream that would go to the
Output of one sound device, to the Input of another, deep in the kernel
of Windoze.  It works on XP, no idea about Vista.

I'm sort of quietly looking for some VoIP hardware for the shack end of
things for this purpose, to be independent of the PC, but I've not found
anything yet that doesn't need a PC or other "Intelligence" to keep
tab's on it.  I'll probably end up with (yet another) dedicated PC with
several soundcards fitted I expect, but none of the PC based solutions
I've looked at so far, will co-exist with multiple copies of themselves,
even on different IP ports.  IP-Sound nearly did, but not exactly sure
of what clashed.

VM-Ware based perhaps?


Dave G0WBX

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> You could also look at pc-telephone
> www.pc-telephone.com
> Free for pc to pc and works without a server.
> I used it a few years back.
> Jim VK7JH
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> >I found the address for SM5VXC's site, where IP-Sound can be 
> got from.
> >
> ><http://www.visit.se/~pointless/>http://www.visit.se/~pointless/
> >
> >73.
> >
> >Dave G0WBX.
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