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[aprssig] Re: aprssig Digest, Vol 40, Issue 18

Rusty Hemenway nnn0fjk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 17:38:58 UTC 2007


You don't have to have the radio transmit your position every time.  Just do
not select item 5 in the beacon text, and the radio will not broadcast your
freq.  However it will still stop scanning until you press one of the scan
buttons again.

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> From: "Alex Carver"
> > Easy, they just pick a repeater and I'll hear
> them.
> > As I said, I'm scanning ALL the repeaters I can
> hear
> > from my location.  So if someone just randomly
> chooses
> > a repeater, I'll hear them unless I'm actively
> talking
> > to someone elsewhere in which case they'll hear me
> > over on that repeater.
> (snip)
> I don't understand why you think this would work. Or
> maybe I don't 
> understand what you mean by "scanning".
> If you are scanning and during the scan the radio
> stops for a few seconds on 
> channel X (because somone is using the machine) and
> at the same time someone 
> calls you on channel Y ... how do you hear them?

I think it works because it does work.  That's how
I've been using the radio long before this idea of
inserting my frequency into the packet (which is a
feature I don't need).  If someone calls me on
Repeater X and my radio stops there, I'll start
talking to them.  If at the same time someone calls on
Repeater Y, I won't hear them, this is true.  BUT, the
person who called me on Repeater Y is typically also
scanning just like I am, therefore after they give up
on Repeater Y and resume scanning, they'll hear me on
Repeater X.

I know it seems strange but it works just fine.  My
whole issue was not about whether I could be found or
not found.  My issue was the fact that the radio was
aborting a memory scan every time it beaconed in
automatic mode.  Plus, if I'm scanning, then having
the radio broadcasting a packet with a frequency is
pointless because I'm moving to different frequencies
each time and thus be very confusing as someone else
pointed out on the list.

It's an interesting feature and I can see some use for
it in some situations or operating methods.  But, it
isn't suited for my typical operating method for the
reasons that I scan and that most people here don't
use APRS so it's just wasted data.  I just objected to
a radio behaving like this was the only way to operate
and not giving me a choice in the matter.

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