[aprssig] CQSRVR and JOTA/SCOUTS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 20 17:56:00 CDT 2007

The CQSRVR worked great for APRS and this weekends
Jamboree-on-the-air contest.  All of the contacts I made from
the field
 on APRS were DX contacts all made possible by AA5PL's CQSRVR.

I would send a message a few times during the day to CQSRVR with
the message CQ SCOUTS CQ SCOUTS and this would go out to all
other APRS stations on the globe that were also doing APRS.  I
probably made a few dozen contacts.
Without it, I may have made one.  I never saw any locals on RF
that had
Live humans.  But the CQSRVR connected me with all other live
field stations.

Of course, this CQSRVR can be used at any time for human to
human contacts, not just special events.  One possibility is to
use the groupname DEMO.  In this case, one would send a message
to CQSRVR saying:


This would then go out to all other CQ DEMO stations.

Once you send a CQ <GROUP> CQ <GROUP> message, you are logged on
automatically for 24 hours to receive all similar messages from
all other participants in <GROUP>.  So just like we used to do
in the early days of 2m FM, "DEMO" seems like a good way to
russle up a contact with another live station.

See details:


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