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[aprssig] Field Day power (220 VDC)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 20 23:06:02 UTC 2007

At today's all day ham radio Field event I tried out my new
field-day power distribution system using the 220 VDC from a

Using the car's 220 VDC battery, (and 50 kW internal gas engine
generator if needed), I was able to power just about everything.
Turns out that all  laptop power supplies (rated at 115-230 VAC)
will run directly on 220 VDC and all other equipment at each of
the Ham radio stations used their typical 20 amp 12 VDC
SWITCHING power suppplies all fed from the 220 VDC source.


Tunrs out almost all modern (dual voltage) SWITCHING supplies
(when switched to the 220 Volt position) will run just fine on
220 VDC.  And laptop power supplies (rated at 115 to 230 VAC)
will usually run just fine without even flipping a voltage
switch (they don't have one).

Anyway, using lightweight #18 extension cords can deliver
killowatts of power over hundreds of feet using this method.
So... Just experimenteing, but it appears to work just fine.
Delivering a kW is only drawing 5 amps on the lightweight
extension cords at 220 VDC.


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