[aprssig] HamHUD IIs in Stock for Tracker Owners

Steve Bragg steve at hamhud.net
Sun Oct 21 17:14:28 CDT 2007


We've recovered from the TAPR-DCC-induced backlog, and currently have 
HamHUD II kits in stock at www.hamhud.net/webstore.html.

Many of you own trackers that can be turned into full 2-way APRS mobile 
rigs by adding a HamHUD II, and in some cases loading KISS firmware into 
the tracker.  If you own one of these:

- Argent Data Systems OpenTracker 1+ / OT1+ SMT
- Argent Data Systems OpenTracker 2 / 2m
- Argent Data Systems OpenTracker OT2-135 (for the Alinco DR-135)
- Coastal Chipworks TNC-X (with or without the tracker add-on)

... and a VHF FM radio, you can get into a full 2-way APRS display / 
tracker system for $167, with a HamHUD II kit.    The HamHUD II is also 
available assembled and tested for $30 more.

The Kenwood D710 radio is a 'Cadillac', but our 'Chevy' is cheaper and 
gets you there just as well.


Steve Bragg KA9MVA

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