[aprssig] Soldering To Coin Batteries

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sun Oct 21 17:20:11 CDT 2007

Ray McKnight wrote:

> I need to replace the backup battery in my PK-232MBX.
> The battery has leads which solder to the circuit board although
> It’s a standard CR2032 lithium. Am I at risk of the battery exploding
> Or something if I solder leads on the new battery? Suggestions?
> I see no other easy way around this, but from the price RatShack charges
> for them I don’t want to ruin it in the process.
> 73’s
> Ray - WB3ABN
> Kingston, WA
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Why don't you just buy the correct version of the CR2032 and avoid 
problems? If all flavours of the CR2032 are available "down under" 
intuition tells me they'd be available in the US. One of my suppliers 
lists seven variations of tagged CR2032 batteries.

Ray vk2tv

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