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[aprssig] Soldering To Coin Batteries

Gary V. Smith gvsmith at skyenet.net
Sun Oct 21 23:12:03 UTC 2007

Hi Ray,

In addition to some of the suggestions so far another option is to 
install the correct size battery holder.  Then, in the future, it's 
simply a pop-out-pop-in process.  I've used this solution on all of 
my PK232s in the past.

Gary - W6GVS

At 05:52 PM 10/21/2007, you wrote:
>I need to replace the backup battery in my PK-232MBX.
>The battery has leads which solder to the circuit board although
>It's a standard CR2032 lithium.  Am I at risk of the battery exploding
>Or something if I solder leads on the new battery?  Suggestions?
>I see no other easy way around this, but from the price RatShack charges
>for them I don't want to ruin it in the process.
>Ray - WB3ABN
>Kingston, WA
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