[aprssig] CQ Field Day via CQSRVR

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 22 16:00:53 CDT 2007

> At 06:45 10/22/2007, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Being able to do national CQ's with managed 
>> load limiting would have been a great new
>> capability to bring APRS to Field Day.
> I thought you always preach that APRS is for 
> local tactical communications...

Yes, but when all there is locally is a bunch of one-way
broadcasters and no human operators present that one can find,
one may have to go further to find a real human operator. 

In some areas where the missinterpretation of APRS as a one-way
broadcast vehicle tracking system has taken over APRS, I wonder
if anyone with a situation or emergency or need for contact
could ever really find any help?

Lets get back to communicating... Operator to operator..  Its
what ham radio is all about...


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