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[aprssig] NWSRVR

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 22 22:33:33 UTC 2007

John,K0QH wrote:

> Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
>> This idea came to me last night after using CGSRVR. What if someone 
>> came up with a server NWSRVR and when  you send to NWSRVR with the 
>> message of NW <State Code> NW <State Code> you would get back all the 
>> National Weather Watch and Warnings for that State.
>> Example send a message NWSRVR with the text of the message being NW IL 
>> NW IL you would get all the National Weather Watch and Warnings sent 
>> back to you on APRS
>> Richard N. Piper IV
> Already done, see,
> http://www.wxspots.com
>  John,K0QH

That's a neat looking program and I'll have to play with it, but I don't 
think that's what Richard was thinking of.

At least I understood it as being able to ping the notional NWSRVR via 
RF from an HT, mobile or portable set up in the field without local 
internet connectivity.  I didn't see that on the system you referenced.

If someone were to build such a server, I'd also like it to respond to 
county codes, or SAME codes to limit the amount of information being 
returned over RF,  Example: "NW 039113" would limit returned information 
to my county.  If a state is having a lot of severe WX activity, pulling 
all warnings by state could be a large amount of data to send over APRS.

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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