[aprssig] Pittsburg Repeaters (AMSAT)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 25 16:08:52 CDT 2007

Would someone in Pittsburg make sure that the talk-in repeaters
for the AMSAT meeting that starts today, are being put out as a
local object in the Pittsburg area?

I just checked, and NEITHER one of them appears to be on the

443.65 (preferred) or 146.955  both using a PL of 131.

We want mobiles everywhere to see the locally recommended voice
repeater object on their front panel D7, D700, or HAMhud
displays as they travel.  We have over a hundered AMSAT members
driving to Pittsburg.  It would be nice (and exactly what APRS
is SUPPOSED TO DO) to have them arrive in the area with the
locally recommended repeater right there on their radio!



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