[aprssig] TNC-1 KISS eprom?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sun Oct 28 08:03:04 CDT 2007

At 13:02 10/27/2007, ke5c wrote:
>Does anyone have or know where I can get an antique TNC-1 KISS eprom or
>the hex code to burn one?  Yes, the TNC-1 is mine, and it just doesn't
>seem right for it to not be actively contributing to the digital
>revolution it started in motion years ago.  Thanks in advance!
>73, john
>sysop - http://digtrx.com/w5ncd-15.php

         TAPR advertises EPROMS already burned for $11 for members, 
and $12 for non-members.  See 
<http://www.tapr.org/products.php?type=SOFTWARE> -- they also have 
the old WA8DED stuff for those of us who are ancient!  <G>

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