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[aprssig] Mobile Satellites Galore!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 31 13:45:29 UTC 2007

> My GO-32 satgate should be back up 

November should be a great Mobile Satellite Month!

There are 7 satellites you can work from your mobile FM rig,
including PCSAT-1 which should fully recover by this weekend and
last for 2 or more weeks.  So now is the time to get going with
live satellite contacts via these easy FM satellites, or setting
up a SATGATE (Igate).

-------- -------------------------------------
145.825  ISS APRS digipeater
145.825  PCSAT-1 (recovery expected 3 Nov)
145.825  ANDE-1 (re-entry expected next month)
435.225  GO-32 +/- 10 KHz and 9600 baud

435.300  AO-51 *FM Voice* +/- 10 KHz
436.795  SO-50 *FM Voice* +/- 10 KHz
436.795  AO-27 *FM Voice* +/- 10 KHz

As you can see, there will be over 40 passes per day with 18 for
the 1200 baud satellites, 6 per day for the 9600 baud GO32 and
18 for the voice birds.  All 1200 baud pass times are between
about 6 AM to 1800 local sun time in the Northern Hemisphere.
GO-32 and AO-51 voice birds are in the morning and evening,
AO-27 is in the afternoon.  It is trivial to know when to
operate these birds WITHOUT A PC.  Please see the
manual-tracking page:

The packet path on 145.825 is VIA ARISS for all three
satellites.  The path for GO-32 is VIA 4XTECH and uses two
different uplinks:  145.85 for APRS software and messages.
145.93 for all Mic-E, D7 and D700 radios.  

That's more than one pass per hour on 145.825.  Lots of contact
potential from your mobile...  

For APRS birds:

For AMSAT birds:

For many of these satellites, you don't even need a tracking
program. Just a slip of paper on the dashboard... See:  

Watch for special event info.


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