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[aprssig] TM-D710 Tune and Voice Object

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 3 19:37:28 UTC 2007

It looks even better without .6Hz
Updated string was
T233 crossband Gontyniec SR3TK

Another test. Object with PHG and D710.
439.500MHz T233 crossband Gontyniec SR3TK

> It works, all the PHG values are displayed 
> correct by D710. One disadvantage, such 
> object is with the FIXED tag, instead of OBJECT

Yes, but PHG does not work in UIview and also in the old D700 the PHG is not interpreted, and so it takes up 7 wasteful bytes.  

We went through many, many formats over the first several months of 2007 to find the best format that gets the frequency and tone information across, plus the usable range and will display nicely on the D7's 10x10 and the D700's 10x10x8 and the D710's display.

So remember there are maybe ten-thousand D7 and D700's out there that we want these pacekts to also be compatible with.

So the best format we found was:
FFF.FFFMHz Tnnn Rxxm etc.....

And by standardizing on the tone format, then maybe we can get kenoood to make the D710 capture the tone as well as frequency.

still love your pictures...

Bob, wb4apr

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