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[aprssig] Motorcycle mobile

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Sep 4 04:30:36 UTC 2007

Ken H> wrote:
> Not sure if this is the proper place to ask this question, but here goes.
> I am running a D700A, just got it installed on the bike tonight.  It
> transmitted just fine and I show up on findu.com (k9fv-1) - There are
> several icons to select from in the D700A - is there any way to add a
> motorcycle icon?  There is a bicycle and several type of mobile, but I
> didn't see a motorcycle - did I miss it?  Any suggestions of what icon
> to use for a motorcycle - bicycle?  Car mobile??

APRS symbols are determined by a single alphanumeric code embedded in 
the position data.

There IS an explicit APRS symbol for motorcycle but it isn't in the 
limited subset of pre-defined canned settings selectable by picture on 
the D700.  As you scroll through the available symbols in the D700 menu, 
you will see one choice for others that then requires dialing the 
appropriate alpha-numeric symbol.   

For the correspondence between alphanumeric characters and the 
displayable icon they produce, see this page on my web site:

Note that the motorcycle symbol is the "<" ("less than" symbol) from the 
primary symbol set.

The method of coding symbols by means of the SSID on the callsign is a 
holdover from the early days of APRS when one used generic packet TNCs 
without APRS-specific intelligence in them. 
     Today the SSID method (which only allowed 15 of the possible 200+ 
APRS symbols to be specified anyway) has been just about totally 
superseded by the embedded character method of specifying a symbol.


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