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[aprssig] Re: Metric [[furlongs per fortnight]]

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 14:13:26 UTC 2007

T-o-u-c-h-y subject.    Youz guys...

You guys need to take an aspirin and go lie down.

Nautical miles are based on an assumption about the
diameter of the earth, not stars.

St Louis?  Heck...Where the hell is Kansas City?

>...It doesn't really matter what unit is used, as
long as every 
> user knows what units are used 

   As ... in spacecraft headed for Mars, eh?

Love it:
> And negative fathoms for the altitude.

    Was the altimeter a " negative depth gauge" ?
    Do aircraft have a 'draft' ?
    Should we change 3 o'clock to starboard beam?
    Yea, where ARE grads used?
    ... and what about 24 hours in a day?  How about
25 for, at least some relationship with 100 ?  
    What's the fascination with 60.  Are we still so
connected to Babylonia?

Sheesh!  Zipping through the posts, for a second, I
thought the server was going to weigh in on this one 
> Send tapr-announce mailing list submissions to...

... Then, there are those store price comparison
mini-signs where they put unit pricing ...
"presumably" for you to 'compare prices'.
   On competing brands, they have price per ounce on
one and price per gallon on the other.  go figure

...Speaking of APRS ...  I was thinking
(out-of-the-box) that the unit character wasn't needed
at all!   Whether it is 25 km  or 25 mi is only a
small concern.  Driving around the country we all know
(I hope) that RF range is a rather tenuous thing and
therefore, it is still a rough indicator of how far a
particular repeater will hear you.                    

   While driving, you are supposed to dim your lights
at 350 feet.  By the time I convert that to how many
of my backyards, the car has already passed by.

   (;-) 73, Steve, K9DCI

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