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Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Thu Sep 6 10:42:58 CDT 2007

Anyone ever send 1200baud positions from a tiny trak into the audio input of
an ATV transmitter?  I figure some of you rocket or RC airplane guys have.
I got a neat idea the other day.  Mount the GPS to the top of a camera.  Use
the magentic compass on some of the fancier GPS units to show the direction
a camera is pointing (not the gps calculated heading).   If we fed the audio
from an ATV reciever into a TNC, we could use an aprs client to show where
the video was coming from.  Ideally, you'd end up with an icon on the screen
with a red line coming out of it indicating the fake heading (orientation of
camera).  The point to this is to have a camera that can pan around on a
mobile platform.  Now imagine using a nice map like google maps or
teraserver photos to show the location of the plane...


PS Funny how we accept a DECIMAL money system (can any Americans imagine
paying for something in 1/8fractions of a dollar or pound), but we can't
accept measuring in 1/10ths 1/100ths or 1/1000ths of a meter (yard)?
sheesh.  American engineers figured that whole 10's thing out years ago.  My
wife's grandfather gave me a tape measure that is marked in 1/10s and
1/100ths of a FOOT from when he was in WWII.

In theory there is no difference between practice and theory.
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