[aprssig] Metric [[furlongs ... Appology

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 21:45:26 CDT 2007

Mark & the group,

  Arrrg!   In my usual haste to add just a little more
to the unnecessary (but frequently very clever and
funny) humor-frenzy, I was thinking Circumference, but
typed diameter. 
  As the younger generations say, My Bad!  Wherever
the-ell that came from.

  Sorry to start all the unnecessary *BUT CLEARLY
INFORMATIVE* Earth-diameter determination historical
methods posts.  Although, one might be tempted to try
to rationalze by saying that making an assumption
about the diameter and knowing Pi, one also "knows"
the circumference...but I won't.  I just goofed @ the
Keyboard.  a.k.a. PiBCAK error.  
More specifically:  [ID-9T].

   I guess I should not consider a career as a US
president and travel down-under to "Austria", eh?
   I *have*, however, correctly exited a stage.

74, one better than anyone else, Steve, K9DCI

Correctly typed inent:
  Nautical miles are based on an assumption about the
 Circumference of the earth, not stars.

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