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Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Sat Sep 8 16:23:51 CDT 2007

At 12:32 PM 9/8/2007, Steve Dimse wrote:
Man, you are trippin. You said the Greeks divided the circle into
>360, I corrected that it was the Babylonians. You said the reason was
>it was close to the lunar numbers 13 times 28, I said neither of
>those numbers is at all related to the lunar cycle,

Once again.  I pointed out the Greeks get the credit, but they don't 
deserve it.  How many times do I have to say that?  And I don't think the 
Babylonians deserve the credit, either.

And I say the lunar cycle is 28 days and you took a roundabout way of 
telling us that it's actually 27.332 days.   I bet you got beat up a lot in 
school, didn't you?  :)

I've spent my life being called "encyclopedia" and "Mr. Know-it-all,"  but 
I never got beat up for it, because I realize things like:

The 0.332 in 27.332 days falls on the 28th day.  I have no "box" on my 
calendar for a 0.332 part of  a day.

I stated they had to deal with INTERCALATION just like we do.    There was 
and is no need to define intercalation or spend 1000 words on the how and 
why.  People can find that out on thier own if they really care.

I understand that in the medical field precise and verbose technical 
information is often necessary.  But this SIG is not about treating 
patients.   A general knowlege question or response not only doesn't 
require that detail, in most cases a verbose all-encompassing response is 
not appreciated or wanted.

And you really shouldn't get me going about the medical profession, having 
dealt with doctors and nurses on a professional basis for many years.  My 
mom just retired as a mid-level actuarial executive for the insurance 
industry and I know how many people doctors kill.   I got the pleasure once 
to sit on a mock-jury in a medical malpractice trial, for which I got 
paid.   I watched a female OB/GYN curl up into a little ball on her chair 
under deposition after butchering a woman in childbirth (she was missing 
her golf game) and had a history of prior bad acts.  The two doctors 
involved prevailed in the real court case, because no other doctor or nurse 
would publicly testify against them.  I watched several doctors and nurses 
called to testify engage in the act of perjury, which is a federal 
crime.  The good news, both female doctors involved surrendered their 
medical licenses after the trial.

About a decade ago, I was asked by an Arizona legislative committee to 
investigate the disciplinary histories of self-policing, self-regulating 
industries.  The three worst in terms of not punishing bad 
actors:  Medical, Veterinary, and Professional Engineers.    Suprisingly, 
the AZ Bar Assn. and the real estate board scored pretty well.

BTW, I never said the Babylonians were a pedantic reiteration of the 
Greeks.  Steve, for a guy who prides himself on precision you totally 
mis-read and mis-quoted me.  I said you, Steve Dimse, pedantically 
reiterated what I said, while telling me I was wrong.  Mr. 27.332 days is 
not 28 days....

I'll let you have the last word.


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