[aprssig] WIDE settings

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Sep 9 11:11:18 CDT 2007

> Mobile stations should use both "WIDE" statement, 
> and base stations should only use the single 
> "WIDE" statement.

WIDE is obsolete and not supported.  You might want to refer to
these hops as WIDEn-N to use the proper terminology to
distinguish from the old obsolete "WIDE"..

> IF a mobile station with the "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1" 
> setting is heard by a "high digi" first, then there 
> would only be a single hop because the "high digi" 
> will ignore the first "WIDE1-1" and only act on the 
> second "WIDE2-1" statement...

This is incorrect.  AX.25 only process digipeater fields in

> Then a mobile running WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2 could have 
> a possible 3 hops...

Will always have 3 hops....  Not receommended in most busy APRS

Hope that helps.

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