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[aprssig] D710

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Sep 9 16:14:05 UTC 2007

> You have lost the ambition to build anything anymore.
> You have become users not experimenters

Not sure of your point, but KB2SCS is the author of APRSscs and
has invested enormous manmonths if not manyears in building his
APRSscs software....

> -----Original Message-----
> As probably most if not all of you know the D710 is now
> being sold at your favorite Ham store. 
> Any ginni pigs out there? Any one bought one yet?
> Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
> 73 DE John  KB2SCS
>        E-Mail:            kb2scs at arrl.net
>        APRS-SCS     http://www.tapr.org/~kb2scs
>        Web Page:     http://www.qsl.net/kb2scs

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