[aprssig] Lat. / Long. Expressions

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Sun Sep 9 19:51:10 CDT 2007

Andy Gonzales wrote:
> As to voice 37.3628° Can be spoken   three-seven, decimal, three six two 
> eight, degrees  or  three seven, degrees, two one, minutes, four five, 
> decimal,  niner six, secs.   Which is easier and clearer ?

I actually find speaking out degrees and minutes clearer, because you 
only have 2 digits in a row before a "fill-in word" of some sort. Like 
"one two degrees three four decimal five six minutes north". Ok, when 
you are over 100 W/E, you have three digits, but you have that whichever 
format (d/dm/dms) you use.

Anyway degrees and minutes is the closest thing to a standard form, 
especially in maritime use. I guess the recently risen usage of decimal 
degrees is mostly due to computerized systems that don't bother to 
convert to more user friendly format. The charts also usually, at least 
here and including topographic maps, have degrees and minutes printed on 
the edges, not decimal degrees or dms. dms is traditionally used in 
aviation, but not much elsewhere.


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