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[aprssig] D710 (Users AND Experimenters)

Steve Bragg steve at hamhud.net
Mon Sep 10 02:22:58 UTC 2007

Andrew Rich VK4TEC wrote:

>Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 21:23:19 +1000
>You have lost the ambition to build anything anymore.
>You have become users not experimenters


There are thriving communities within APRS that are building their own hardware and writing their own firmware/software.  The group I started, the HamHUD group, has built over 400 HamHUD II kits and 'mini-kits', and I daresay most of those are still on the air.  There are several other APRS-related kits available: Argent Data (OpenTracker), Byonics (TinyTrak), and Coastal Chipworks (TNC-X).  There are probably others I am not aware of (sorry for that).  

However, to the point: even some kitbuilders want to have own a stable, commercial radio like the D7/D700/D710.   But the limitations of these radios drives us to build things that overcome them.

I respectfully beg to differ with the characterization of the APRS community as "users not experimenters".  There is still a lot of experimentation going on.  Check in at TAPR DCC to see some of it.


Steve Bragg KA9MVA

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