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[aprssig] DIGI Overlay Characters

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 10 14:39:21 UTC 2007

> > "1" Is a modern WIDE1-1 only fill-in digipeater
> I use "F" for my fill-in digi, is "1" more 
> appropriate or is either acceptable? 

I think "1" is the most descriptive.  The reason not to use "F"
is that during the evolution of the New-N paradigm, there was a
time when we proposed using "F" for something else.  A few digis
resulted with "F" but then the evolution of the New-N final
solution went another way.  SO to me "F" implies an old
non-New-N settings.

Although "1" can imply both a WIDE1-1 digi and an enforced 1 hop
digi (such as the LA basin) they can easily be distinguished in
their beacons.  The Fill in will show "W11 Fill digi..." and and
the enforced one-hop digi will probably show "W11,W22 One hop

Thanks. Bob, WB4APR
> On 9/10/07, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> 	> I am not on top of the meanings of the various
> 	> Perhaps someone else can help with that.
> 	"S" is a fully modern New-N Paradigm digi
> 	- Supports WIDEn-N
> 	- Traps larger values of N 
> 	- Supports SSn-N paths within an SS or SSS.. Region
> 	- Beacon format shows capabilities: "W2,SSn-N..."
> 	- Supports Local Info FREQ object in its Btext
> 	"N" is an old N digi -often- with these problems: 
> 	- Beacon rate is not proportional: 10min dir, 30min 2
> 	- does not identify digi type with APNxxx destination
> 	- Does not trap large values of N
> 	- Does not indcate capabilities in its beacon
> 	- Does not use new standard FREQ object format
> 	"1" Is a modern WIDE1-1 only fill-in digipeater
> 	"1" Can also indicate an enforced one-hop digi such as
in the LA
> 	basin.  It will trap all WIDEn-N packets and only
produce one 
> 	hop.
> 	"P" is a PACCOM digi that supports New-N.  It will only
> 	W11,W22,W21,W33.
> 	The following are obsolete:
> 	"W", "T", "R", "U".  Others?
> 	Notice that a UIDIGI ROM can fully support the New-N 
> paradigm so 
> 	it becomes a "S" but because it will have APNUxx in its
> 	destination field, we can still identify the type of
> 	If I omitted any, then lemme know and I will re-release
> 	email.  The point being, that New-N is SELF IDENTIFYING
> 	CAPABILITIES TO ALL USERS.  That way we can know what
> 	what doesn't and what needs to be fixed.  And users in
an area
> 	can see exactly what they will get.
> 	Bob, WB4APR
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