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[aprssig] ARISS, PCSAT-1 and ANDE, and GO32 on APRS packet

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 10 17:54:25 UTC 2007

> I was able to digi through ISS...
> BTW I had my path set to ARISS not "VIA ARISS" 
> which I assumed was a typo.

The actual TNC command for setting up a path is in the UNPROTO
command which has to be set using the syntax: UNPROTO APXXXX VIA

So many APRS programs use so many different ways to tell users
how to set their path, that I always just go back to the basic
TNC command so that there is no confusion.  Then the user
applies what eer his local software might require.

Hope that helps.


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