[aprssig] A test for APRS in some lessor traveled Western areas

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Mon Sep 10 13:32:30 CDT 2007

I'm doing some experimentation with a Sprint card on their
EVDO network.  $59.99 isn't inexpensive, but it may be an option.
We are heading to some repeater/digipeater locations later this
week to try it out.  I doubt it will work at really remote sites, but
we will see.

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Tom Smith wrote:
> My concern is the mountain top digis having internet access.
> I'll do a test:  WIDE3-1 out and WIDE2-1 back in Nevada and Utah.
> Tom Smith   KD6SOJ

Mountaintop digipeaters normally DON'T have Internet access.  (It's
awfully difficult to get Internet service on remote mountain tops!).
APRS Internet gateway stations ( "igates") are normally stations on the
ground (typically  home stations that have always-on Internet access)
listening to high-level digipeaters.


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