[aprssig] ARISS, quadrifilar helicoidal antenna

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You might actually be able to do that off of a Jeep.  I have seen military
radio Jeeps with a lot of stuff hanging off, and we have a number of
antennas on our Project Jeep (http://www.commtechreview.net/jeep)

I'd be thinking about mounting off the back with a pole mounted with
two supports.  You might want to put some well-attached diamond
plate or other reinforcement back there.  Keep in mind safety (including
height) and visibility, and I think you could do it.

Of course, if you live in a nanny state with safety inspections, you might
face some questioning or objections.

We have never had any questions from the state or LEO's about our
antennas and lights, but I know that CA and some other states want
to regulate you into conformity and uniformity - oops, I mean safety.

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Anyone using a quadrifilar helicoidal antenna on 2m for satellite APRS? How 
about mobile?

I was able for the first time to digi through ISS but wasn't able to decode 
any transmissions. I'm using a 1/2 antenna on my rag top Jeep and need 
something better. Perhaps a band pass filter and a preamp would be enough 
but a QFH might be the answer... Maybe a little goofy on my Jeep but who 
cares how it looks :-). I've seen them on sail boats for 137MHz.


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