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Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Mon Sep 10 19:09:12 CDT 2007

As Bob mentioned again today, "Actually, of the above, the only desired
symbols for the modern New-N capable APRS network in the USA are the
overlays of "1", "S", and maybe a few "P" and "L"'s for special cases."


"S" is a fully modern New-N Paradigm digi
 - Supports WIDEn-N
 - Traps larger values of N
 - Supports SSn-N paths within an SS or SSS.. Region
 - Beacon format shows capabilities: "W2,SSn-N..."
 - Supports Local Info FREQ object in its Btext

"N" is an old N digi -often- with these problems:
 - Beacon rate is not proportional: 10min dir, 30min 2 hops
 - does not identify digi type with APNxxx destination address
 - Does not trap large values of N
 - Does not indcate capabilities in its beacon
 - Does not use new standard FREQ object format

"1" Is a modern WIDE1-1 only fill-in digipeater

"1" Can also indicate an enforced one-hop digi such as in the LA
basin.  It will trap all WIDEn-N packets and only produce one

"P" is a PACCOM digi that supports New-N.  It will only do

The following are obsolete:
"W", "T", "R", "U".

<And "F" is obsolete too.>
73, Cap

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> To add to that, that is what I followed to create my fill-in digi:
> http://www.nwaprs.info/fill-in.htm
> So it still leaves me wondering what the true standard is?
> 73's
> Stephen
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