[aprssig] ISS and path settings

KEVIN KIBBE kkibbe at rogers.com
Tue Sep 11 07:15:04 CDT 2007

Yesterday was my first ISS digi. This morning the first pass
of my day I changed the path address back to wide1-1,wide2-1 to see how that
would work. Yesterday I had my path set to ARISS which enabled me to show up on
the findu ariss web page which I thought was rather neat. But today I looked
for my self to show up and didn’t see anything . (I did notice that one guy was
transmitting every 10 seconds…)


But then I went back to the normal findu web site for APRS
and there I was! A nice ham with a sat gate, N0AN had heard me and linked me
back to the normal APRS system. In my inbox I also saw that I had two messages
so everything is working fine.


Perhaps most ISS users know this, to show up on the findu
ISS web page you do have to use ARISS and not the new widen-N at least in my
little experiment. But if you do use the new widen-N you will still get gated. 




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