[aprssig] Re: Re: Homemade APRS with MCS-51 and TCM3105NL

jecksons at softhome.net jecksons at softhome.net
Tue Sep 11 22:09:14 CDT 2007

>Are you saying you want to run a baud rate that's not 1200 or 2400, or 
>that the MX614 isn't accurate enough for you?
I'm saying,Didn't had MX614P and imposibble to bought the MX614P.
Did you had info how's to get sample the MX614P? 

>If availability is the problem, then I can help you there - I carry the 
>MX614P for USD $9 on my website:


>International shipping (by letter post) is around $3 or $4.
Is there possible argentdata sent me the sample on MX614P,I didn't had 
credits card and every money order(bought dollars or foreign currencies must 
added 30US$ bank Draft). 


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