[aprssig] Old Digi_Ned Refurb

Bobby Lacey kf4gta at nq4i.com
Wed Sep 12 18:27:39 CDT 2007

I just acquired an old digi that has been in service for 4 or 5 years
running Digi_Ned with a PicoPacket. It looks like the fan died in the
computer and resulted in HD failure. I guess its a good thing that it died,
because I have been wanting the owner to let me upgrade it to the new
WIDEn-N paradigm.

My question is, Is it worth me reinstalling Digi_Ned with the PicoPacket, or
should we just grab a KPC+ or Opentracker2 (When available)? I like the
Satellite Tiny Webpages that Digi_Ned can produce so I thought I may keep it
for that reason. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with this
setup or has any suggestions.

Bobby KF4GTA
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