[aprssig] Digipeaters with local sysop rules...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 14 07:42:05 CDT 2007

> It would have been cool if the spec allowed 
> for a "live operator" bit. 

It does.  It was added many years ago in APRS addendum 1.2.  If
the case of the N/S byte is UPPERCASE, then there is an operator
present.  If it is lower case, then no operator is present.
This is fully backward compatible with all software, since
attended stations will all show normally.

In APRSdos, if the PC detects any activity at the keyboard or
mouse, then the Operator present bit is flipped, a station posit
is sent, and the usual decay algorithm is reset to 10 minutes
for the next posit.  Thus presence is immediately updated.

When no additional operator actions are detected, then the
normal doubling of the decay rate resumes and within a half
hour, it is back to the minimum 30 minute rate.

All Operator Present stations are indicated on the map with
bright white SYMBOLS and all non-operator present or non-message
capable symbols are shown in gray or the other 8 attribute
colors depending on their other attributes (moving, fixed, dead
rekoned, decayed, old, object, etc)...

> If they are automatically beaconing while mobile, treat it as 
> a station in automatic operation that is subject to normal 
> digipeater operators rules, ala NSR if they want but then an 
> exception be made when the live operator bit is set like a 
> manual posit, etc.  Sure they could be abuses to this system 
> but it offers compromise at least. 
> I do path experimentation and it would be irritating 
> to find that someone was NSR'ing my packets especially 
> if that digi was the only digi I could reliably get into.

My thoughts exactly.

> On 9/13/07, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> 	>>> [What I want is a digi where I can control the
> 	>>> complete path of each packet after it is

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