[aprssig] Digipeaters with local sysop rules...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 14 17:02:33 CDT 2007

> >> It would have been cool if the spec allowed
> >> for a "live operator" bit.
> >
> > It does.  It was added many years ago in APRS addendum 1.2.
> > the case of the N/S byte is UPPERCASE, then there is an
> > present.  If it is lower case, then no operator is present.
> > This is fully backward compatible with all software, since
> > attended stations will all show normally.
> What about things like a D700 which have (albeit severely
> messaging capability?  And wouldn't lower case have been the
> choice, since a KPC3+ connected to a NEMA source will send
> case, but likely have no operator?

Yes, Initially I set LOWER case as the way to indicate a LIVE
person since all the existing unattended things were all
UPPERCASE.  But of all the programs out there, Uiview (which
cannot be changed) would completely ignore the lower case posit.
Hence, All "attended" stations would disappear from Uiview.  So,
it was not the way to go.

We reversed it so that Uppercase means attended for those that
send the bit.  It will take YEARS for software to catch up...


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