[aprssig] Old Digi_Ned Refurb

Ken H> sailingtoo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 08:54:55 CDT 2007

Bob, Steve, you both make VERY good points.  First I read Bob's statements
and reasons - as a new user I think "Great, I agree"  let the folks learn.
Then I read Steve's statements and I also think "Great, a very good way to
handle it.

>From Bob's viewpoint, let the folks learn in order to get their packets
showing up.  Good thinking and I agree there is a learning curve and some
work involved to ANYTHING worthwhile.

Then Steve says, let them in and fix the packets so they will show up and
I'll also sent a note to the operator so he knows what is wrong and fix his
station.  Darn, I agree with that also - Elmering the newbie.

Steve, I sorta think that if a person learns enough to dig into the raw
packets, then they will already be learning and can learn what's going on
per the path statements.

Remember, I am speaking from a newbie's viewpoint and that might not be a
valid viewpoint - but I think I like a blend of both methods.  Make them
learn, but help them to learn....

Keep up the good work both of you - and everyone else in the group.  It's
only thru folks like ya' that folks like me can enjoy this aspect of the
hobby and learn.

73 de Ken H. K9FV
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