[aprssig] Old Digi_Ned Refurb

Steve Jones steve.jones at rogers.com
Sat Sep 15 10:34:09 CDT 2007

On Sep 15, 2007, at 9:59 AM, Jason Winningham wrote:

> "Welcome to APRS, you've got to figure out how the entire network  
> works in order to get on the air the first time."

Well put Jason.

I'd rather have a sense of accomplishment and belonging that the user  
will experience when he sees his first time packet digi'd then the  
frustration of not seeing it digi'd.

Sure, the user has used an incorrect path but let's correct his  
mistake, get him on the air and then help him to understand what he  
should be doing.

Not letting him get on the air seems elitist and snobbish to me.

Steve <steve.jones at rogers.com>

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