[aprssig] D700A TNC Problems????

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Sat Sep 15 16:47:08 CDT 2007

2007-09-15 13:57:32 GMT:
K9FV-1>SP3P7Q,KI4ELU-7,W4IAX-7,WIDE2*,qAo,WD4ROJ-1:`sPxl k</]"3x}Test new

The WD4ROJ-1 IGate up in Enterprise heard W4IAX-7 digi that time.
You might want to get up on the 146.820-PL203.5 repeater and talk with your
W4IAX folks about who can help.

2007-09-15 15:03:36 GMT:
Wr pl 203.5 MobileARC W4IAX [Unsupported packet format]

73, Cap

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  On 9/15/07, Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote:
    Ken K9FV wrote...

    > It just clicked, If I put W4IAX-7,WIDE2-2 in my path, would it then
    > W4IAX to be the first digi? All others would ignore the packet until
    > W4IAX-7 did the first digi? Then IF I made it to findu.com I could be
    > that W4IAX-7 had received my packet... Is that correct?

    It looks like you have two digis almost the same distance from you off
    the same general direction.

    73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH

  Yep, here at home I do live just about half way between two different
digi - but only one will hear me.

  Check my track today - I left home this morning and rode over to Ocean
Springs, MS, then back Hwy 90 to I-10 at Mobile, then East on I-10 to
Pensacola, FLA.  Here is the track:


  While going West toward Ocean Springs the track looks pretty good - just
about where I quit getting digi'd the track stops.  But riding toward
Pensacola, I was digi'd several times during the ride (Indicated by "my pos"
showing up on the display of my D700A), but there is no points on the IS.
And note ONLY KI4ELU-7 is digi'ing me.

  These things concern me that there is something wrong with my radio. -
When KI4ELU digi's me, and if my TNC tones are *off* a bit, does this get
passed on thru?  OR does KI4ELU-7 decode my signal, then transmit new tones?

  Thanks for the help and info,

  73 de Ken H> K9FV-1

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