[aprssig] It's BOB's way or no way!!

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Sat Sep 15 22:57:19 CDT 2007

When this switch over started two years ago, I was in favor of leaving the
RELAYs in place for a period of time.  But in my opinion, that time is
over.  It's not a matter of "some jerk digi owner" telling you what to do,
it is more like "this is a proven effective way of reducing ping pong
packets, and the grace period is over".  Any trackers who are out there
still running relay and wide in their path are simply not getting it... the
gentleman's time is over and it's time to leave them in the dust if they
don't care to move to the new WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 recommended path.

Seriously.... stopping ping pongs and the hop limits that were put in place
have done WONDERS.  I can remember running an drill 4 years ago that
involved tracking busses with several hundred evacuees from a hospital to a
staging area 5 miles away.  It was IMPOSSIBLE to track the busses b/c of all
the traffic flowing in from North Carolina (we were in Columbia SC).  Now we
actually have lulls where there is no traffic.  The New WideN-N is working
great... so it's not a matter of what Bob says goes.... it's a matter of
what works.


On 9/15/07, Steve Noskowicz <noskosteve at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Steve,
>   There's room for understanding BOTH views.  You are
> clearly coming from the view of an involved Digi-Op. A
> VERY involved one.   That's a good thing.
> Unfortunately, reality shows that there are still
> the absentee-digi-Ops.  It would be nice if all
> digi-Ops would take the time to do what you do.  It
> would have helped me greatly when I got into APRS 4-5
> years ago.
>    I have also seen that, although nice guys and all,
> Ops who are looking at screens of APRS packets aren't
> likely to call you when they see something strange.
> If you know they are watching and ask them, they jump
> to help, of course.
>   While a nice guy, and trying to do the right thing,
> the local ARES digi-Op asked _me_ to check _his_ dll
> (his term) when I was having trouble - because he was
> not sure it was correct nor a complete Guru and knew
> it (I couldn't of course).  So there are less than
> experts running Digis.
> On the other hand, Bob, I wonder if this is a problem.
> How many absentee-digi-ops will go to the trouble of
> doing the path-altering code.  Probably none.
> SO I suspect that only "willing-to-Elmer" Digi-Ops
> will do the path-mod thing, no???
> 73, Steve
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