[aprssig] CRUTCH support of RELAY and WIDE

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Sep 16 09:38:06 CDT 2007

Regarding -crutch-support for obsolete RELAY and WIDE:

> If he is successful, then he will leave it 
> that way.  And yes, it will work at that 
> one crutch-digi, but he is being set up 
> for failure on his next trip! 

One other comment, and I think I am remembering this correctly...  A post within the last month or so was from an individual that took a long trip or so and was disappointed when he got back home to find that he was not seen anywhere basically on FINDU, yet he says his system worked fine in his home town.

Someone then looked at his path, and it was something like RELAY,WIDE,WIDE2-2 or something....

This is why I do not favor continued crutch-support for obsolete RELAY and WIDE.  Even if I am remembering the above incident incorrectly, I can certify another one....

A year ago, as I continue to try to get AMSAT interested in APRS satellites, An official in AMSAT pointed out that during a Board Of directors meeting in a distant city, one of the other board members who was using APRS on his D700 and they were supposed to be able to see him on FINDU.  They couldnt...  So the entire board assumed "see, APRS doesnt really work in practical terms..."...

I traced down the "lost" APRS mobie and found he was still running RELAY, WIDE.  He said it worked where he lived, and he did not know the rest of the world had changed.

Bob, Wb4APR

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