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[aprssig] Lubbock Paths?

Charles Doughtie n5exy at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 16 16:23:45 UTC 2007

--- Bob Bruninga  <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> I think I remember hearing some occasional comments
> that travelers through Lubbock texas disappear off
> the APRS map.... Tonight I think maybe I found out
> why?  I tried contacting the only APRS call I can
> find on the web site, but QRZ has no email address
> for that call.

Interesting - I went to Midland in March 2006 (hamfest
and other reasons) and found a black hole around San
Angelo. My D700 was being digipeated (MY POS) but
apparently no Igate. This makes me wonder about west
Texas still as I haven't been back.

73 de Charlie, N5EXY,
South Suburban Greater Hutto

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