[aprssig] CRUTCH support of RELAY and WIDE

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 16 12:45:44 CDT 2007

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A year ago, as I continue to try to get AMSAT interested in APRS satellites, An official in AMSAT pointed out that during a Board Of directors meeting in a distant city, one of the other board members who was using APRS on his D700 and they were supposed to be able to see him on FINDU.  They couldnt...  So the entire board assumed "see, APRS doesnt really work in practical terms..."...

I traced down the "lost" APRS mobie and found he was still running RELAY, WIDE.  He said it worked where he lived, and he did not know the rest of the world had changed.

APRS must re-sync itself.  Such network disparities need to evaporate if APRS is going to be taken seriously.  Users...you have only to gain by putting pressure on your local digi operators to update their configurations.

If they turn a deaf ear, then it may be time to put up another digi that *does* conform to the new standard so that this sort of thing is mitigated should YOUR area be the one that needs help from Emergency First Responders that hail from a compliant area.

Ev, W2EV

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