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Ken H> sailingtoo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 15:58:16 CDT 2007

Hello all - I've been running Voice Alert (set CTCSS to 100 hz - CT on the
D700A display).  Remember I've been having a problem getting digi'd and into
a Igate?

Well, today I took the tone off (no tone) and darn if I don't get digi'd a
LOT more often...  with the time set to half minute, once or twice a minute
I get a "my pos" on the display and 2 or 3 beeps (sometimes 4 beeps).  I
have the "beep" on the D700A to beep only on "mine".  My understanding is
each time it beeps, that tells me the radio has received a packet from a
different digi?

After 30 minutes of good success, I turn CTCSS back on (100 hz) and the
number of times I'm digi'd dropped a LOT.  Only perhaps once each 2 or more
minutes would I get digi'd now?  I change the CT to DCS tone (not sure of
the tone freq - I'm riding the motorcycle and can only do so much) and the
number of digi's stay low.  I turn the tone OFF again and the number of
digi's increase to one or 2 each minute or so.

It really seemed to make a difference as to how often I was digi'd.  Can
that be possible?  After all, there is a 100 hz tone sent along with the
packet isn't there?  Could it be possible that was somehow messing up the
packet signal?

Be gentle when calling me DUMB!!! After all, I am a newbie here {grinning}

Ken H> K9FV (K9FV-1 and K9FV-2 for testing today)

Ken H>
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