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Check deviation with CTCSS on and off.
Ev, W2EV

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CTCSS won't affect your APRS performance at all since your radio decodes before any CTCSS action is taken.  That only mutes or unmutes your audio coming from your speaker into your ears.  It has nothing to do with the internal workings of APRS packets.
Keep smiling Ken... It'll all come together..  ;-)
Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF

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Hello all - I've been running Voice Alert (set CTCSS to 100 hz - CT on the D700A display).  Remember I've been having a problem getting digi'd and into a Igate?
Well, today I took the tone off (no tone) and darn if I don't get digi'd a LOT more often...  with the time set to half minute, once or twice a minute I get a "my pos" on the display and 2 or 3 beeps (sometimes 4 beeps).  I have the "beep" on the D700A to beep only on "mine".  My understanding is each time it beeps, that tells me the radio has received a packet from a different digi? 
After 30 minutes of good success, I turn CTCSS back on (100 hz) and the number of times I'm digi'd dropped a LOT.  Only perhaps once each 2 or more minutes would I get digi'd now?  I change the CT to DCS tone (not sure of the tone freq - I'm riding the motorcycle and can only do so much) and the number of digi's stay low.  I turn the tone OFF again and the number of digi's increase to one or 2 each minute or so.  
It really seemed to make a difference as to how often I was digi'd.  Can that be possible?  After all, there is a 100 hz tone sent along with the packet isn't there?  Could it be possible that was somehow messing up the packet signal? 
Be gentle when calling me DUMB!!! After all, I am a newbie here {grinning}
Ken H> K9FV (K9FV-1 and K9FV-2 for testing today)
Ken H>

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