[aprssig] Voice Alert

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 16 17:38:19 CDT 2007

billpwl1 wrote:

  There shouldn't be any reason for you
> to send any CTCSS tones  on the dedicated APRS freq. 144.390.  

I don't get that, since that is exactly how you run APRS Voice Alert. 
Did you miss the part where he mentioned that, are unfamiliar with voice 
alert, or just don't approve of voice alert?

I run Voice Alert in my mobile (D700, 100Hz tone on 144.390) constantly 
and have noticed no problem with getting into digipeaters.  It very 
handy locally for my family as my wife also runs it and has come in 
handy on cross country trips.

If a digi is rejecting packets due to the CTCSS, that's a problem with 
the digi's set up, not him.

For a fixed station however, I agree with that statement 100%
Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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