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Dave Sloan desloan at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 16 17:39:14 CDT 2007


   You understand the 'Voice Alert' properly.



Dave N0EOP


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I guess I'm a bit confused.  Using voice alert, you have to send as well as
receive the "tones".  Digi's shouldn't be using anything like that though
and should hear regardless of PL's or CTCSS's etc...  


Am I missing something in Bill's comment here?  Not harassing you Bill, just
confused on my end...  




Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF






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Ken, That would definitely do it.  There shouldn't be any reason for you
to send any CTCSS tones  on the dedicated APRS freq. 144.390.  (If that
is indeed what is happening).

It might indicate a problem with that one digipeater site also as it
should have filtered out those sub-audible tones before they arrived at
the packet modem.

73  Bill   N3PZB

Ken H> wrote:
> Hello all - I've been running Voice Alert (set CTCSS to 100 hz - CT on
> the D700A display).  Remember I've been having a problem getting
> digi'd and into a Igate?
> Well, today I took the tone off (no tone) and darn if I don't get
> digi'd a LOT more often...  with the time set to half minute, once or
> twice a minute I get a "my pos" on the display and 2 or 3 beeps
> (sometimes 4 beeps).  I have the "beep" on the D700A to beep only on
> "mine".  My understanding is each time it beeps, that tells me the
> radio has received a packet from a different digi?
> After 30 minutes of good success, I turn CTCSS back on (100 hz) and
> the number of times I'm digi'd dropped a LOT.  Only perhaps once each
> 2 or more minutes would I get digi'd now?  I change the CT to DCS tone
> (not sure of the tone freq - I'm riding the motorcycle and can only do
> so much) and the number of digi's stay low.  I turn the tone OFF again
> and the number of digi's increase to one or 2 each minute or so.
> It really seemed to make a difference as to how often I was digi'd. 
> Can that be possible?  After all, there is a 100 hz tone sent along
> with the packet isn't there?  Could it be possible that was somehow
> messing up the packet signal?
> Be gentle when calling me DUMB!!! After all, I am a newbie here {grinning}
> Ken H> K9FV (K9FV-1 and K9FV-2 for testing today)
> Ken H>
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