[aprssig] Voice Alert

Ken H> sailingtoo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 18:23:57 CDT 2007

OK, now there has been several comments about the voice alert, and
everyone is in  agreement it should NOT affect the packet.

One person suggested the problem "could" be my D700A has too much
deivation on the PL tones - is this possible????

Another suggestion was the digipeater itself is the one with problems
and that was what needed adjusting.

Is there *any* to determine which has the problem?  For now, I'll just
turn the volume down all the way on band A (APRS band) while using
band B for repeater chats.

Thanks to all for their help and input - I will be out of town all
next week and will not be able to play with the radio any, but will
have access to this list and email.

73 de Ken H> K9FV

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