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[aprssig] EmComm: Learning from Others

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 10:26:25 UTC 2007

In 1993, during the first World Trade Center attack, it was determined that Emergency First Responders from different agencies couldn't communicate with each other to be effective.

The 9/11 report (8-years later) echoed those comments.

The Hurricane Catrina report echoed them for a third time.

As a public, we scratch our heads as to how it is possible for otherwise intelligent people to continue to fail to see the value of interoperable communications (it is now 14 years after WTC1993).  We begin (begin?) to question the intelligence of those in charge and the lemmings that allow such poor decisions to continue to hold sway after so many years.

When "stuff happens", so should communication by the supermen and wonder women.

Now, as you are agreeing with what you read above consider this:  There are regions of the North American continent where a standards-compliant WIDE1-1/2-1 APRS system won't work.  There are lots of excuses as to why.

Now, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HotmkThwTTk

Obviously there are many more reasons why none of those excuses matter.

Ev, W2EV

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