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[aprssig] Re: Fixed station Operator Present Bit

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 17 13:26:34 UTC 2007

OK, I set up APRSdos to send my house with an "O" overlay using
my root callsign WB4APR.  It is located about 3909N amd 7636W.

No software other than the Kenwoods (maybe) will display the
"O".  And that is OK for now.  But I want to be sure that all
software can still see the object and will not ignore this use
of the overlay.

If so, then we can use the OVERLAY "O" to indicate "Operator
Present" on almost any object where an operator might likely be.

I asked Kenwood and all future software writers to allow
overlays on ALL symbols.  That was the original intent of
overlays back in 1996, but the spec was watered down, since at
the time, WinAPRS could not do this.  Allowing overlays on all
symbols (whether displayed or not) will allow billions of symbol
codes.  The D710 will display this overlay.  (Ill have to go out
to my car to be sure)...


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