[aprssig] Re: Fixed station Operator Present Bit

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 17 12:34:56 CDT 2007

> The "live operator" bit is nice but if we have 
> to physically be aware in setting it, isn't it 
> useless then?

It is useless until incorporated into APRS clients.  By setting
a standard, then authors can update their software.  By definig
this character, then we have something that does not break any
existing software, but cn be included in future versions.

> I was thinking more like if say a Kenwood was set to 
> automatic beaconing, it would say the operator isn't 
> present.  If the beacon was a "manual" posit have 
> it automagically set the operator to live.  They 
> could do this and this is more of what I was 
> invisioning with this.  I mean, there is no way 
> for me to take the TH-D7 type out of my posits. 

Yes, they could do this in a new release for the D710.  That is
why we are trying to nail down the protocol so that authors can
all march to the same drum.

> On 9/17/07, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> 	OK, I set up APRSdos to send my house with an "O"
overlay using
> 	my root callsign WB4APR.  It is located about 3909N amd
> 	No software other than the Kenwoods (maybe) will display
> 	"O".  And that is OK for now.  But I want to be sure
that all 
> 	software can still see the object and will not ignore
this use
> 	of the overlay.
> 	If so, then we can use the OVERLAY "O" to indicate
> 	Present" on almost any object where an operator might 
> likely be. 
> 	I asked Kenwood and all future software writers to allow
> 	overlays on ALL symbols.  That was the original intent
> 	overlays back in 1996, but the spec was watered down,
since at
> 	the time, WinAPRS could not do this.  Allowing overlays
on all 
> 	symbols (whether displayed or not) will allow billions
of symbol
> 	codes.  The D710 will display this overlay.  (Ill have
to go out
> 	to my car to be sure)...
> 	Bob, WB4APR
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